Your home on your land.

Custom homes built in Austin, Fort Bend, and Waller counties.

Our Portfolio

Our accomplishments are still standing, and will for a long, long time.

Our work is highly personal to the people who engage us to do it. But every so often, with our clients' permission, we document it for the world to see.

How We Build

Built for living; built to last. From the foundation to the last detail.

How we build

Building a fully custom home is more than following a tried and true process. You're building something that's never been built before. It requires creativity, adaptability, and innovation. While careful planning and foresight are critical, thoughtful considerations need to be made at every step.

The builder needs to understand how today's decisions will affect the project months down the road, and every day the family lives in the house after it's finished. Unlike a production home, you don't get multiple iterations to correct mistakes and adapt the plan to reality; you get one chance to build it right, and the stakes are high.

We'll build your heirloom home just the way you dream it.

We at Arrow only build a couple of houses at a time, so your project gets the attention it requires – and deserves. We're a family team, tight-knit, artisanal, and focused. The same eyes and hands (Doug's) are on the project from start to finish, making sure nothing falls between the cracks. He's there for the initial concept, making sure the plans are feasible, and he's there at the end to hand you the keys.

Our Services

New home construction

A custom home is much more than a big, fancy house. It's a realization of your goals and hard work, a place that is designed and built specifically as the locus of your family life. If it's worth building, it's worth building with unmatched care and attention, and we're here to execute every step.

Let us consult, get to work, and build a space that is uniquely suited to you.

New home construction


Taking something apart and putting it back together – much better than it was before – can be time consuming, full of surprises, and in the end, entirely worth it! Any kitchen or bathroom, any space in the house, is full of potential, and we would love to help you realize it.

Share your vision with us, and let us turn it into a place where you love spending your time.


A Consultative Approach

Arrow Custom Homes offers a full spectrum of homebuiding services. For those just beginning the process of building a custom home, we partner with leading local architects and are involved in the design from the beginning. If you've got a design already underway, we work nicely with others. Regardless of where you are in your project, we turn dreams and ideas into real structures of concrete, wood, and brick.

About Arrow

We value our craft as much as we value our business.


We believe that resources are wasted when luxury materials are installed over sub-par structures and substrates, are haphazardly cut and fastened, or neglected and abused after their completion.

Much of the effort in a high-quality home is never even seen with the eyes. It's felt when seasons change, heard when doors open and close, and appreciated when years of life and weather result in little wear on a building. Long experience and knowledge of building systems qualifies Arrow to build homes that are as much a pleasure to live in as they are to see in a photograph.


An investment in home efficiency measures pays itself off many times over, as reduced energy consumption and enhanced quality of life yield unceasing dividends. Good materials, best building practices, and Energy Star certified components as varied as windows, appliances, and insulation can make all the difference.

While energy savings alone are a great incentive, an efficient building, whether certified by industry organizations or not, does far more than just lowering utility bills. Wise planning and proper execution of the construction result in a noticeably improved living experience, as well. A better-built house is quieter, more comfortable, more responsive to the people living in it, and will likely last a lot longer as well.


While much of Arrow's advantage comes from decades working in building construction, and over a thousand homes built over the years, we consider it of still greater importance to constantly pursue new knowledge and experiences that will enable us to offer the best buildings possible.

At Arrow, we diligently seek knowledge in developing technologies and building trends, and make a point to study and to master the powerful innovations that improve construction and quality of life. With a rich history as our foundation, we are building for the future.

Meet Doug

Over a career spanning five decades, Doug Bingham has built countless custom homes for as many homeowners.

Doug Bingham

Doug started his career building homes in Texas in the early eighties, cutting his teeth – and learning countless, valuable lessons – on over a thousand production homes. He had always had an interest in building custom homes, and in the focus they placed on craftsmanship, and soon began working for a local luxury builder. Leaving a very successful career, he founded Arrow Custom Homes in 1999, crafting singular heirloom residences, mainly in Fort Bend, Waller, and Austin counties.

After more than two decades, Doug still manages all his projects, ensuring they're done with the utmost attention and competency.

We love building where you love living.

We build custom & country homes west of Houston, including Austin, Fort Bend, and Waller counties.

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When you build with Arrow Custom Homes, you'll work with the same construction professional through every step of the project, beginning with the consultation, and winding down when you move in.

Doug's painstakingly hands-on approach to building means constant accountability, and never getting lost in the shuffle.

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