Quality Construction

Quality Construction

The importance of building well

A home is worth building properly, and whether you value luxury, simplicity, or a combination of the two, the place where your family lives should be put together with the utmost skill and care. We believe that the highest return on investment comes from investing in the best available. We build our homes to be lived in, and we build them to last.

How we achieve quality

Knowing and understanding building systems is crucial to quality construction. As a craftsman skilled in every aspect of home building, Doug Bingham is capable of performing every task he contracts. Still, a general contractor is only as good as his subs, and any weak link in the chain can set a project back considerably. Strong oversight isn't enough to ensure a great building; Doug's success begins with meticulous selection of tradesmen and contractors. Knowing who can adhere to Arrow's high standards is the first step in contracting.

Quality at the core

Arrow homes are typically clad in better materials, including natural stone, hardwood, finer textiles and other finishes. These refined, yet natural accents tend to last a long time and provide a sense of well-being. But what makes an Arrow home truly unique is what's underneath the fine veneer. We pay as much attention to structures and substrates as to finish materials, which is why our homes have a certain solid, ageless feel, in addition to a timeless look. Fine finishes go to waste when they're haphazardly strewn across shaky walls and foundations, only to be replaced when the structure's integrity begins to fail. Strong knowledge of building systems and fastidious workmanship make a long-term investment in a home truly viable.